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Gabriel Connection TechnologyTM Licensing

OEM customers who want to adopt the Gabriel Connection Technology™ as their solution for establishing secure connections using secure domain names within their products can purchase a technology license. VirnetX has developed Gabriel Connection Technology™ Software Development Kit (SDK) to assist with rapid integration of these techniques into existing software implementations with minimal code changes.

The SDK consists of object libraries, sample code, testing and quality assurance tools and the supporting documentation necessary for a customer to implement our technology. These tools are comprised of software for a secure domain name connection test server, a relay test server and a registration test server.

Customers will be required to pay an initial license fee to purchase an SDK license and a royalty fee for every product shipped with the embedded VirnetX Gabriel Connection Technology™ code module. Please click here to see the published royalty rates and guidelines.

Service Offerings

We plan to offer a diversified portfolio of service offerings focused on securing real-time communications over the Internet, including:

Customers planning to offer Secure Domain Name registrar as a service to their customers for generating secure domain names, will need to sign a service revenue sharing agreement in addition a technology license agreement.

Please contact us by email if you would like to obtain more information about obtaining a technology license.